Your home is in your pocket!

All of the equipment we use in the places we live together from a single center control and make life easier. The houses where many details are presented to us through automation are called smart houses. Smart House; home, comfort, security and usage costs are saving. This scope extends from the automation of the standard equipment to the energy required for the house itself and the clean water supply. Smart home systems, which we use in our daily life, provide the control of lighting, heating-cooling, security, entertainment, garden watering systems which are included in our standard needs from a single center without wasting any time. It manages the commands you give in advance, using smart home scenarios.

We think the next generation is a smart home; it should be easy to adapt to your life, be implemented easily without the cost of modification and can be managed freely wherever you are sizin


Xenon Smart manages the house automatically according to the location of you and your family members. Your home will keep up with your life. Thanks to its wireless communication infrastructure, it is applied to your home without additional wiring and modification costs.

You  can make your living space easier and add value to your home with the smart home systems that are domestic production with all the details  .

Smart home systems are not only for home Factory, Warehouse, Business Place etc. You can use in places like.

With its easy integrated system, it is easy to assemble your home to your workplace later on.

Many systems are combined and access to all these systems is possible from a single point.

Home automation (Curtains, lights, gas / water valves, garage door controls), Alarm System (motion sensors, door magnets, siren), camera System (indoor and outdoor image sensors, and recorders), sound systems (home theater systems) and other sound systems), home heat systems (heating and cooling), the intelligent home system that hosts them all, is accessible from anywhere and the system can be controlled from anywhere.


A few of the things that the Smart Home System;

In case of a gas or water leak, the main valve can be switched off, notifies you of any safety warnings that may occur when you are not at home and allows you to remotely connect to your system and watch your home live with cameras in the house. depending on the light level, you can control the curtains, when you are not in the room, you can turn off the light and the air conditioner if you are not in the room. it can flash the lights of different rooms at certain intervals, or switch on the TV and switch channels back on.