Sip / VOIP phone types

The VOIP phone system requires the use of SIP phones / VOIP phones. There are several versions / types of SIP phones:

SIP / VOIP Soft phones – software based SIP phone

A software-based SIP phone is a program that allows you to use your computer’s microphone and speaker, or an attached headset to make and receive calls.

It means Voice over Internet Protocol, ie it is simply transmitting voice traffic over IP-based networks. First designed for data networks, with the successful positioning of world-class data networks, the Internet Protocol (IP) was then adapted for voice networks.

VOIP telephony users are not limited to telephoning via IP networks, and traditional telephone lines can be used for better call quality and availability. By using the VOIP gateway, the incoming PSTN / telephone lines can be converted into VOIP / SIP lines. In this way, the VOIP gateway allows the user to answer and make phone calls in the normal telephone network.

VoIP PBX systems give employees flexibility, flexibility when a business expands, because it is easier to handle than traditional PBX and reduces phone administration costs considerably.

Frequently asked questions about VOIP and much more can be found in the VoIP FAQ.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol developed to provide telephone service over the Internet. SIP is used for call setup between two or more users on an IP network, changing the session-related parameters during the call, and finally decoding and terminating the call.

The D10 Smart VoIP phone is a smart, high-quality and easy-to-use Android phone that offers an enriched HD audio and video calling experience for many application scenarios. The unique design of the Wide-Angle lens and the 10.1-inch multi-touch screen (1280 × 800) gives users better visual communication. The D10 runs on the Android 5.1 operating system and supports the installation of third-party applications for job customization.