Nowadays, it is one of the most important needs of the institutions to deliver their products and services to the customers in the easiest and fastest way. Therefore, mobile technologies and smart devices have become the key to easy access in the online world. With the emergence and rapid expansion of mobile devices, the rapid development of cloud services has led to a new era of mobility.

As Duman Arge , with our mobile software and design team, we enable corporate companies to adapt their operations to this new age. With the solutions we provide, we help companies increase their productivity and productivity, reduce their costs, and access information regardless of time and place.

We are your guide from idea production to delivery to target market. While using the industry’s best practices and latest trends throughout the project, we are building, designing, developing and implementing your mobile project.

With the expertise and experience of our mobile application development team, we can implement all kinds of applications that meet the needs of the industry independently on the most widely used mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Duman Arge , within the team of experts in the field of user interface for mobile devices and user experience design experts provide the most appropriate and creative design service for their customers.

Duman Arge will work in line with your corporate identity and company rules, and will differentiate your products from the others in customer-oriented design practices and competitive markets.

Using our knowledge architectures and UI / UX design expertise, we aim to create an easy-to-use interface for end users.

Nowadays, the number of mobile device users is increasing with great speed. The mobile internet connection speed (3G) has become inevitable with the mobile software needs of the companies as it starts to rival the local internet speed. Duman Arge manufactures mobile software suitable for the needs of companies in all kinds of mobile platforms with its experienced team of mobile software, Web, mobile and Smart TV solutions.

If you need mobile application, just contact us. We are on your side in all processes from the projecting and analysis process of your mobile application to the date when it was published in the application store.

Services in this field;

iOS: iPhone and iPad Application Development

Android Phone and Android Tablet Application Development

Mobile Web, HTML5 & Mobile Gateways

Smart Home Systems Application Development

Mobile Application Software Development Services On Android, iOS, we can implement all kinds of applications on the most widely used mobile platforms.