With HTML5 and CSS3, it is possible to design websites and web sites in a more elegant and attractive way. HTML is a standard programming language for creating web pages. New technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3 have already begun to change our interaction with websites.

Web applications are becoming more and more complex and the new features of HTML5 will further improve. Internet applications can be used offline so you can store web applications information with HTML5. In this way, useful web applications through e-mail, calendar and so on. You will be able to access and store such information.

These applications will load faster when you’re online because the structure of the page will already be saved in the browser. When you are theoretically offline, any changes you make to the web application will also apply when you are online. For example, Google announced in December that it would use HTML5 for Web applications.

With offline storage, you’ll be able to determine which sites or site types you want to cache without saving each page individually. If you want to save a page offline, you need to use the File Save As option. With the new system, you’ll be able to set the browser to automatically save sites of your type. You will also be able to increase the loading times with this method, because part of the page will already be in memory.