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Duman Arge Information Technologies

Android & iOS Applications & Smart Home Software

Our services

Android application development on Android is widely known as an operating system developed by Google for mobile devices. In addition to mobile devices;  Open Android running on a very smart device.
As Duman Arge with our mobile software and design team, we enable corporate companies to adapt their operations to this new era. We help companies to increase their productivity  with the solutions we provide them.
One of the strongest and most stressed features of PHP is its extensive and advanced database support. Using one of the databases-specific add-ons (eg mysql) or using an abstraction layer, such as PDO.
With HTML5 and CSS3, it is possible to design websites and web sites in a more elegant and attractive way. HTML5’s newly added applications more color and shading.

Our Android Touch Panel, which is the choice of those who are looking for a product with hardware, software and useful interface that can respond to all projects with modern

Smoke Arge Software-based SIP phone is a program that allows you to use your computer’s microphone and speaker or an attached headset to make and receive calls.

About us

Duman Arge  is an R & D software company specialized in Information and Software Technologies. Duman Arge closely follows the developments in technology with an innovative perspective  . It provides web-based reliable services to many companies in different sectors, especially in the wholesale and retail sector.
We are committed to producing custom software that is supported by the world’s most preferred technology manufacturers, which are constantly updated and can be renewed with add-ons when necessary.
In addition to web design; our needs and solution-oriented services in developing mobile applications, smart home software and applications specific to companies / institutions are of great interest in the market. By offering the best software solution with the best pricing model; Duman Arge, which aims to provide a cost advantage to enterprises, always acts with the principle of providing more added value. 
Duman Arge; determine the content development strategies according to the needs of the business partners. It focuses on reaching the most accurate approach and solution by following many processes with them. Young, dynamic and ambitious team to produce the best service for your needs.  Duman Arge has become a reliable business partner of the companies it serves.
Duman Arge informatics and Software Technologies, which started out by researching the needs of the wholesale and retail sector in the years when the information technologies started to develop in our country; With about 10 years of intelligent home systems, smart home systems software, Android and iOs applications are developing. Since 2014, Duman Arge  has been expanding its range of services with its mobile software ios / android solutions
Duman Argeidentifying problems in the market, trying to produce the simplest solutions for your troubles. Our aim; to work to improve the habits of work with alternative methods. We plan our plans to anticipate the problems encountered in the business process and contribute to maximizing efficiency through scenarios appropriate for each situation.
We offer you clear, understandable and stronger value offerings. We have the maximum sacrifice to satisfy our customers in the projects we undertake. We have been working together for a long time with our partners, which we set out with a common goal, and we are working hard to sustain them.